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Hi! I'm bingo. I'm a full-spectrum user experience designer: from research and analysis, to graphic design and copy, to usability testing and QA. I think every good design has a good story behind it. Here are some of mine.

noah rabingoldstein

Crowd-based investing platform for indie game development.


  • App Design

  • UI Design

  • Brand Design

app design

  • Visual Design

  • Web Design

A revolutionary Ethereum app that enables access to high-value NFT art.

web design


A scaling admin tool for decentralized freelancers.

web app design

Dungeon Master

  • Brainstorming

  • Prototyping

  • Rapid Iteration

Designed a platform for SongaDAO which earned $2.5M revenue on launch day.

Song A Day

  • Facilitation

  • DAO Design

  • Web Design

web3 design

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