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Invest into game development.

Research + Design + Polish


KappaPad is a launchpad. It's a club you can join by investing, and it gives members early chances to invest in a hand-picked set of cryptocurrency-related video games. Think a boutique Kickstarter, but with crypto.

I translated the client's vision into a mechanically and visually complete app design, ready for development.


  • Figma/Figjam

  • Discord

  • Principle


  • Comparative Research

  • Scoping Sprint

  • High-Fidelity Mockups

  • Copywriting

01. Research

02. Design

Centering important information

One of the problems I found with existing launchpads is information overload. There are so many metrics thrown in your face all at once, and nothing gets explained.


So when designing the investor experience I focused on clarity. Labels were key, as well as giving important elements visual weight.

  • You can see the wireframes here.


The client was so happy with our work, they came back immediately for another job! They ended up asking for a refresh of this design to match their new brand identity, so it never went live. But I like this version too much not to share it.

The result

03. Polish

Three products in one

There are three user groups for a launchpad app: investors (who want to back projects) project teams (who want to launch on the app) and the admin team. (the people who run the app and vet the projects) 

Approaching a multifaceted app

It's very hard to see inside of a launchpad without putting a lot of money up first. I had some reference for an investor's experience, but I had to get creative for the other two user groups.

Fortunately, I am creative! I had plenty of web2 crowdfunding apps to reference. I also fleshed out the investor experience first. Once I understood everything an investor would want to see, I had a better idea of what a project team might need. That in turn made clear what the admin controls needed to be.

Super Kawaii Branding

The client gave me a very cute set of mascot images, some colors, and a font. From there, I built a brand to appeal to their target market: anime fans.

This was a great chance to experiment with some more polished visual interactions. I found css snippets for animations that matched the aesthetic. I also made some on my own using Principle to give the mascot characters a bouncy feel.

The investor experience is similar to that of an e-commerce app. The applicant experience is like a content management system that builds their launchpad page. The admin experience is like customer relationship management software, tracking applicants and investors. But they all interact with the same product!

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