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Fraktal makes those infamous high-value cryptocurrency tokens called "NFTs" easier to sell and trade by splitting them into "Fraktion" tokens. I built on their existing brand guide to create a minimalist yet approachable landing page that communicates their values to their user base.


  • Figma

  • Procreate

  • Discord


  • Comparative Research

  • Sketching

  • Wireframing

Fraktal came to me with a thoughtful logo and visual philosophy, but there were still places to flesh out their brand, which I did with some exploratory sketches. I wanted to push their minimalist philosophy in several directions, and by cherry-picking the best elements from each, define Fraktal's visual limits.

A simple and clean design

01. Design

  • You can see my final design here.

  • The live site is here.


I delivered a detailed responsive design that a front end engineer was able to launch in less than a week. It educates and informs users about a new product in a complex market without being overwhelming. And the design expands and refines the client's brand to carry their values through to the user.

The result

Fraktal's main goal is to make it easier for collectors to invest in these tokens, as they might in the traditional art market. I rewrote and restructured the existing website copy to explain to collectors what Fraktions are, how they work, and what users can do with them.

Designing for the customer

The Fraktal logo was their most well-developed visual, so I centered it in my design. I used leaf motifs in other iconography, as well as images invoking fractal patterns or the golden rectangle, which the logo also employs. The sweeping curves of the logo also leant themselves well to dynamic section transitions and accents that help the design stand out.

Building from the logo


Marrying elegance with accessibility


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